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General Contractor

Your “General Contractor” for IT business solutions

Pivotalogic is the most powerful combination of Technology Consulting, Software Solutions and Managed Services in the marketplace. Through this combination, we solve IT’s biggest problems with our “General Contractor” approach and utilize the best partners to improve IT operations, reduce risks, and lower costs.



Your Story Matters

Manufacturing Company

Building a Better Network

Your network is the foundation to deliver end-user experience and is critical to sustainable revenue.

With the help of Pivotalogic, a mid-sized manufacturing company was able to get 5X the amount of bandwidth for the same cost and increase customer support and improved customer satisfaction.

Legal Services Firm

Motion to Move to Cloud 

Moving application workloads to the cloud can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Pivotalogic IT Consulting and Managed Services teams worked together to help a leading law firm realize a 527% ROI in productivity by moving to a cloud-based Case Management Software (CMS).

K12 Public School

Disaster Recovery Review

Do you ever feel like you could use a second opinion on how to reduce your risk?

Pivotalogic IT Consulting was able to advise a K12 Public School to be better prepared to beat Ransomware and meet their recovery objectives and have greater visibility into end-user experience.

Software Solutions your Business Needs

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Worried about Ransomware causing your business downtime doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Start everyday feeling prepared and confident, because you have a plan in place that can be tested and put you back in control.
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Network Intelligence

Trying to find the causes of poor network performance doesn’t have to be a blind experience. Gain confidence that you can get automatic alerts when potential problems could arise and quickly identify the source and fix the problem.

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Cyber Security

Many organizations have cobbled together some sort of security defense, however ineffective to cover today’s advanced threats. Fighting cyber-security doesn’t have to make you feel vulnerable or scared with an integrated security approach.
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Making sure you have the right workloads moving to the right platforms is critical for performance and IT resource support. Let Pivotalogic cloud engineers guide your way to the right cloud at the right level of management that you require.

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Legal Management Software

Say “Good Bye” to wasted time on to many clicks and searching endlessly for lost files. You’ll enjoy spending more time with more clients & feel like “Super Lawyer” of the year!

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Government Cloud

Compliance and recovery of your critical data doesn’t have to be overwhelming and expensive. Rest assured that your data is safe, compliant and recovery is a breeze with our CJIS certified cloud and BCA vetted staff.
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Services We Provide

Technology Consulting


When you’re short on time or expertise, our consultants can help you understand your risks and make expert recommendations on the best path forward. We use our 25 years of IT experience & proven methodology to discover, analyze and design the best solution for you, by partnering with leading technology partners.

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Networking Services


Network connectivity is crucial to the success of your organization and to ensuring a positive end-user experience. Pivotalogic works with you to optimize your network from a capacity, performance and security perspective.

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Managed Services


With today’s business and IT challenges, sometimes you just need a helping hand. Today’s companies no longer just have to worry about on-premise applications and systems, but off-site data, cloud, applications and mobile workers. Let Pivotalogic and it’s partners take on some of the workload and get the results your looking for.


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