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Start everyday feeling prepared and confident, because you have a plan in place
that can be tested and minimize data loss and downtime.


Thanks to new technology advancements like, cloud, virtualization, orchestration and improved networking connectivity companies are now able to have a scalable, secure and affordable solution to reduce the risk of data loss and downtime to the business. 

  • Dramatically More Affordable

    Traditional infrastructure-intensive disaster recover solutions are very expensive and requires skilled internal resources to manage them.

  • Improved Ransomware Protection

    In the wake of a Ransomware attack quickly restore a clean, uninfected version of your system.

  • Guaranteed 15-minute Failover

    When disaster strikes, fail over applications (VM’s) to the cloud or locally in 15 minutes or less.

How we help Protect your Data and Reputation

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery shouldn’t cost a fortune. However, it should recovery like it did. Every company deserves rapid fail-over without all of the hardware costs and complexity.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup your server three ways- direct-to-cloud, on-premise appliances or hybrid cloud. Easily replicate your files or VM’s off-site and pull back individual files and VM’s in a snap over a secure connection in minutes.

Archiving of Data & Files

You never know when old data might become mission critical-right? Whether it’s meeting regulatory requirements or following good data protection practices, adopting a cloud archiving solution is the most affordable way to keep your data available.

Laptop & Mobile Device Protection

The rise of the mobile workforce has made it challenging for IT to protect data that is created outside of the firewall. Simplifying data protection for laptops and mobile devices begins with providing backup to your mobile workforce, and giving IT one place to manage all of their device’s data protection needs.

How it Works

When a server crashes, or a file just needs to be restored, you can quickly restore recently backed up files locally or from the Pivotalogic cloud. And in events – such as natural disasters – where both the primary server and the DR appliance are unavailable, then systems can be spun up in the Pivotalogic cloud as a temporary center of operations until the primary servers can be restored.  This hybrid approach enables you to spin up VMs locally or from the Pivotalogic cloud, enabling your users to access their data and applications from a temporary production site, buying you time to fix the root problem.

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